Rafael Garrido

Rafael Garrido


Back in 1997, at only 24 years of age, he was lucky enough to stumble across the Internet, something which changed his professional life and, in part, his personal one too. Shortly after, in 2001, he founded his first company, Secuoyas. If he had to be defined in three words, they would be: entrepreneurial, an investor and a mediator. Along the way he has learned great lessons from both his successes and his failures and one of his biggest dreams is to watch his “creatures” evolve over the years.

He likes to travel and, in general, to make the most out of life. He admires a lot of people, all of them in his close circle. Affable and cordial, he knows how to make time for everything, family and business, and although his timetable can sometimes appear quite alarming, he’s always there when he’s needed.

  • His main working tool is the telephone and when that’s not possible a face-to-face over a coffee.
  • He considers “The Little Prince” to be essential reading. He has lost count of the number of times that he’s read it.
  • He has been a basketball trainer for 15 years. With an official title and everything.

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