Marga Seco

Marga Seco

Product Designer

Scrum flows through her veins and at the age of 21 she was already working in technology whilst finishing her studies in Telecommunications. She was a full-stack developer on Drupal and Wordpress mainly in the mobile environment on Android and iOS, which is where she feels the most comfortable.

After reading several kilos of specification documents she began wondering what was really useful for the user and became committed to helping them becoming a UX designer with all her heart who understand both developers and end users.

  • She can’t live without her Trello or getting up on stage to perform works of theatre from time to time.
  • She mainly reads dissemination and theatre. Her favourite work is "Blood Wedding".
  • From rock to opera stopping off at ethnic music. Music has always been with her, from her childhood music classes to her current participation in choirs.

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