Lola Martín-Gil

Lola Martín-Gil

Product Designer

With a curious spirit which is difficult to halt, her professional life has always been linked to two great sectors: the televisual one and the digital one. In both she has contributed, in a mutual way, ways of working and thinking, discovering over time that they have many more similarities than they do differences.

12 years of experience in television, in photography and in the world of digital interfaces have taught her the essence of the user’s experience: using empathy to know how to transmit messages and emotions through a screen.

The basic principle of any designer should be to listen.
  • She likes to travel alone, her camera in her hand, and to photograph everything that stands out to her, in the purest style of ethnographic observer.
  • In her free time she collaborates editing Wikipedia, especially biographies of women who have done extraordinary things.
  • She knows what winning Notodofilmfest feels like.

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