Javier Loureiro

Javier Loureiro

Product Design Director

After studying electronics and confirming just how much he liked programming and the administration of systems, he decided to set up an IT company and a start-up. Almost 10 years later, he decided to reset himself and changed both city and profession.

His technological and design profile along with his managerial skills mean that he has a very pragmatic vision of digital business. Fjord, Barrabés Meaning, Topxel and ROI UP were some of the companies who had counted him among their ranks before he joined Secuoyas.

Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.
  • A nerd when it comes to physics who devours any scientific documentary that falls into his hands.
  • He knows that being the tallest person in the place comes at a price... he’s always called upon to reach the objects on the highest shelf.
  • He can’t avoid putting objects in order. Especially other people’s toilet paper.

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