Irene Rubio

Irene Rubio

Product Designer

Like her mom says, Irene is a jack of all trades. Her strong point is visual, but she has one foot in research and the other in interaction design. Quick and active, she doesn't know how to do nothing. If she's not working on her project it’s because she's helping a coworker.
She’s worked at studios and boutique agencies and also large consulting firms, so she's spoken to clients of all kinds, and learned different ways of working and how to anticipate problems before they happen.
When she's not working, you’re most likely to find her at a play, on a trip, or enjoying a good wine.

  • She’s from Malaga, but like a good adopted Madrid resident, she adores churros con chocolate.
  • A secret she can tell: She's a #pixarfan and her favorite movie is Toy Story 3, although she admits she’s seen La La Land 12 times. Yes. 12.
  • She’s her four nieces’ favorite aunt.

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