Gonzalo Villar

Gonzalo Villar

Customer Success Director

Gonzalo is part of Secuoyas’ lifeblood. Since his incorporation in 2004 he has both grown and promoted growth. During this time he has learnt that most problems occur due to a lack of communication, and that’s why he tries to understand all points of view and to negotiate with clients, partners and the in-house team. His training as a computer engineer and his capacity to manage teams make him a born problem-solver who always manages to reach agreements and commitments.

He speaks 3 languages perfectly: Spanish, English and German. The latter is essential for survival as he currently lives in Munich.

I didn’t know it was impossible, that’s why I managed it.
  • He is only missing Africa in order to have set foot in all of the continents. He is one of the few people who can sing "Hawaii, Bombay" having been in both places.
  • He has 3 children, all of them born in years when Spain has been football champion. In private, they call him "The peacemaker".
  • For him, attending the Olympic Games in Barcelona ‘92 was an unforgettable experience.

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