Enrique Sanz

Enrique Sanz

Design Technologist

The tidiest IT engineer of the decade. So much so that his book of reference is “Clean Code.” His passion for doing things the right way has led him to focus on education, to spread good throughout the world. But a man needs more than lines of code to survive, and his long résumé shows time spent in disparate industries like food&beverage and even metallurgy. A lifetime's worth already.
He plays soccer and tennis and considers himself a fan of Andrés Iniesta’s although what he most enjoys is spending time with his friends after the games.

  • From La Mancha originally but with an air of Scandinavia about him, he knows Norway inside and out.
  • Musical traveler. For him, music is a way to teletransport himself to places or times when he was enjoying himself, or not.
  • His biggest secret: he's addicted to joking around. The more absurd the humor is the better.

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