Daniel Serrano

Daniel Serrano

Chief Experience Officer

In 1987, only 30,000 computers were connected to the Internet in the world, and Daniel’s was one of them. Whilst he was busy surfing the web he came across Peugeot Sport and spent the following 12 years travelling the world as technical and product manager.

After that experience he reinvented himself and began working at one of the most important strategic consulting firms in the world. He always felt the need to do more and more complicated things, more real, more human. That’s why, when given the opportunity to come to Secuoyas, this great challenge turned into the perfect opportunity to materialise all of the things that he had learnt.

His use of knowledge and reflection as a force of inspiration, and his skill for connecting concepts, make him an indispensable part in all of the projects at Secuoyas.

“Technological evolution is progressing so rapidly that we need to turn our companies into centres of continuous training. We need to break the model of work and monetisation inherited from the industrial era. We must put forward new business and collaboration models, invent the future of those relationships which have a direct influence on the social environment in which we live.”
  • Daniel has visited 20 countries and has lived in 3.
  • He can’t remember the title of his favourite book. When he was 15 he already spoke of the chaos theory.
  • He "kidnapped" a manager in order to get a job. It worked.
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