Clara Iglesias

Clara Iglesias

Product Designer

The fastest designer in the West. Clara has one hand in visual design and the other in interaction, proposing interfaces that almost don't need wireframes. With her publicist mind, she knows how to distribute information on the screen and convert it into action flows for the user.
Footballer, series addict and rocker with a touch of rumba ... Her hobbies are diverse but photography stands out, from landscapes to portraits, which she enjoys with her SLR, snapshot and Lomographic.
Clara is a bit of everything, but absolutely genuine.

  • Although she is from Segovia, she prefers Indian food to suckling pig and mochi to Segovian punch.
  • If she had to choose a movie, it would undoubtedly be Coco.
  • A confessional secret? As a child she wanted to be a singer, a dream she took very seriously.

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