Chema Díez del Corral

Chema Díez del Corral

Product Designer

A guy who is always wondering how he can add cables and chips to anything. He confesses that he has lost count of the number of bits and pieces that he has rigged up to sensors at home.

An architect, programmer and coordinator of the Master of Interactive Architecture at the UPM, he’s like a fish in water when it comes to rapid prototyping, ephemeral architecture and the design of hardware and physical interfaces. He knows how to take the user’s interactivity and experience beyond the screens.

His strong points are his curiosity, motivation and learning capacity. His favourite pastime is developing new pastimes

If you have only a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
  • If he were a character, he admits that he would be Zoolander.
  • He has a wardrobe worthy of Mary Poppins where you can find anything from a banana outfit to water guns.
  • Bad jokes are his secret weapon.

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