System Design
“Force is any agent capable of modifying the quantity of movement or the shape of the materials.”

Design from a systematic point of view

Each time that a new product or business is implemented, a new force is generated which has a direct or indirect impact on its surrounding environment. It affects the structure of the company and it affects the market. It conditions employees, shareholders, suppliers and clients; in a rational, cultural and emotional way.
The correct operation of a system is underlying to the success of a product or of a new business line. It maintains them, it feeds them and it moves them up. It is not only necessary to design a product optimally or to put forward a sound value proposition, but it is fundamental to design the business and development architecture which is underneath.
One of the biggest errors committed when designing a new entity - be it a product or a business - is to isolate it as an organism which will only live by itself or to support it with rigid processes in the belief that they will remain unalterable over time.

“Many of the problems to be solved neither reside in the product nor in the service on offer, but in deeper layers, cultures or operatives of the company. Investing effort into a service without taking these variables into account will, in the long or short term, lead to failure.”

Lola Martín-Gil

Product Designer

Our focus is to introduce these variables out of control, these flexible scenarios, designing in a multi-dimensional way, keeping the attention on the details whilst we put together the general view. We research, analyse, formulate and solve problems, we verify results and iterate. We work with a strategic and systematic way of thinking based on feedback.
We generate value by designing the exchange of information between the different parts which make up the machinery: its processes, its relationships, its behavioural patterns and its possible changes over time.
We combine the Systems Thinking thinking mode, which allows us to trace the structure of large and small companies’ relations, their business processes and personal networks, with the Design Thinking methodology, focussed on the formulation and resolution of problems centred on the user. A union of design, thinking about the systems and the comprehension of the emotional impact on people, which becomes a potential work framework.

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