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Strategy Design
“Only by understanding people’s real needs can you design successful businesses.”

We imagine futures and embody them in the form of scenarios which subsequently become value propositions

When a company designs a product or service, it is also designing part of their business. Equally, when they design or redesign their processes, what they are moulding is their company, the muscle which holds up said businesses.
In a context in which everything moves at a great speed, nobody can allow themselves the luxury of standing still. The fast evolution of technology, business models, and above all, people’s habits, make the businesses’ and their leaders’ capacity to visualise and react what marks the difference between the pioneers and those that are left behind. Between those that succeed and those that fail.

The companies which survive in the 21st century will be those who understand that they must invest in creating value for people’s lives, and assign the necessary capabilities which enable the arrival on the market to be flexible. Some will start from zero, others will have to plan the change.
Traditionally, business consultancy services have provided a solution to many of the challenges faced by the industries. Basing themselves on market analysis and auditing sales, costs and economic cycles, they analyse the viabilities of certain business plans. Ultimately, they use data from the past to make future predictions. In this equation, effective as it may be in certain scenarios, the most important driving force for change and innovation is not considered: the people.
We have turned the focus on its head. By starting with observing people’s habits we can detect their needs and understand their decision-making processes in order to turn them into business opportunities. Opportunities which, combined with thorough market analysis, we transform into new value propositions which generate business and growth.
Business design adopts design principals and practises to help organisations create value and new ways of generating sustainable competitive advantages. By integrating business strategy skills, design thinking and lean startup, we manage to provide a response for challenges such as:
The creation of new companies or new business lines.
The generation of new models which broaden the relationship with clients, generating income.
Providing the company with new innovation skills.
Generating strategies in order to enter new markets.
Identifying the necessary organisational changes and plans for carrying them out.

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