The future of customer experience in supermarkets

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Supermarkets are growing

The food distribution sector is experiencing one of the greatest moments of change and transformation in its history. The boom in online shopping is occurring in parallel with the development of new consumer habits, both in the way they customers buy and in their expectations, and with the arrival of new competitors in the sector.

Given this new paradigm, supermarket chains are looking for solutions aimed at improving their response to consumer needs, in order to achieve service excellence.

Although the food sector has been one of the last to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon in Spain, the penetration of online shopping has tripled since 2016.

Carrefour, the French multinational chain, is one of the companies in the sector that has opted for a digitalization strategy, offering a comprehensive vision of the physical store and omnichannel as a reference. To achieve this is has had the support of Secuoyas.

The Carrefour universe in a single app

Food? Clothes? Electronics? Wine and Spirits? Petrol? Offering more than two million products online in a single app is a huge challenge for the architecture and browsing experience, but not the only one.

MiCarrefour has the firm intention of accompanying the user, offering personalized services and promotions before, during and after the omnichannel purchase process.

Each customer is different

Understanding the services required by each customer in the different contexts offered by Carrefour forced us to approach the project by doing extensive User Research and to redefine the future functionalities that would provide value.

We were faced with an increasingly informed, connected and active consumer, so we focused on improving three fundamental aspects of the shopping experience: speed, security and simplicity.

“Build an app that responded to the need of the customer, we had to identify the different contexts and moments in which it would be used, in order to offer each user relevant and advance information.”

Antonio Collado. Program Manager at Secuoyas

The result was an app with multiple customization and configuration options, in-store purchasing assistant, better product information, discounts and payment methods.

SSO: one entrance, many stores

The incorporation of technology and services to create a Single Sign-On (SSO) allowed us to unify the way in which the customer registers and accesses the services offered by Carrefour.

From a single device, they can now access cards and receipts, repeat their last purchases, pay at service stations without having to get out of the car or capture the code of a product to see additional information, among other things.

Functionalities that adapt to the lifestyle of the customer, which is ever more demanding and with less time, and contribute to customer loyalty.

“We want to be an app that accompanies the customer by offering personalized services before, during and after an omnichannel purchase”

Thomas Andrews

Head of Digital Projects Marketing // P.O. App miCarrefour

A customer with many voices

Integrating three applications into a single app did not only require us to think about the user. The business needs of many internal departments, many business lines and many services in constant development had to be considered.

In this scenario, the presence of a Carrefour Product Owner that could manage all the feedback from the company itself was essential, as was having a close relationship and constant meetings with the customer UX or R&D department.

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How do you find the app

Carrefour Pay: pay without money

And in addition, from the same app, you can also pay for all your Carrefour purchases, large and small, with your mobile. As safe as paying with the Carrefour Pass card, but with additional services so you can see the current status of credit lines, financing simulators, control transactions and discounts.

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A world of services in the palm of your hand

After more than a year of collaboration, we have managed to create an intuitive, safe and functional product, which provides the customer with a wide range of services at any time and in any place.

The Carrefour app has already reached one million downloads, making it one of the best valued apps by users.









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