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We have redesigned the corporate site of the Forex company Tier1fx in collaboration with the branding studio Creatique and our development partners Brooktec. The business needs identified by Tier1fx required a much deeper intervention than a simple restyling, so the project involved applying current design methodologies such as agile development, design systems and user-centred design. After our collaboration we are very clear that this is only the first step in our client’s digital reinvention
Tier1fx is a leading company which specialises in guiding investors through the conventional Forex market. This market is the largest and most liquid in the world, with a daily trading volume in excess of 5 trillion dollars. Tier1fx support is mostly online. Services are divided into three subcategories and products to better fit the investor’s organisational profile.

The need for change

The main objective of Tier1fx is to increase its market share. To achieve this, they concluded that the company’s main source of growth should be its online presence. It was therefore imperative to restructure the channel and adapt the message to match what its digital users are looking for and need. Growing means taking new paths.

Monetary symbiosis

Fortunately, at Secuoyas we have considerable experience in this type of transformation because we have previously worked alongside organisations such as UNHCR and Centros Único. The added value we were able to bring to the project was soon recognised by Tier1fx management. We created a work team made up of the client and a group of product designers who were specialised in analysis, user experience and visual design. Secuoyas also provided the organisational frameworks, the working environment and the communication tools to set everything in motion. Together with the rest of the collaborators, we defined a realistic publication date in order to meet the business objectives.

Transactions and experience

The new corporate website had to clearly communicate the differential value of Tier1fx in a very competitive market. An extensive benchmarking of companies in the sector was carried out, leading to consensus on the final list of good practices to be adopted and the potential opportunities for differentiation. The product design team was responsible for understanding the company’s internal operation, working closely with the Tier1fx product owner. This crystallised into a modular interface, custom designed to solve the problems of future users.
Early on, a need to redesign and improve the branding was detected and this was completed before the start of the product design project. The resulting new visual identity is fully in line with the client’s business expectations and facilitated the subsequent digital development.
Therefore, the look and feel remained faithful to the branding definition but were strengthened for digital media. The use of a main palette and 3 sub-brands was consistently implemented in a multi-device responsive design. A design system was created that would transcend the project itself and could be used in future applications, improving efficiency and maintaining consistency across the company’s digital image.
We used WordPress as the content manager, but we took it a step further by using adapted structural techniques that allowed maximum product customisation, such as advanced custom fields and custom posts. In addition, other tools were used such as srcset to ensure adaptive images, CSS animations and integration with Lottie.
In order to co-ordinate all the work, we set up a Scrum work process with weekly Sprint cycles until the end of the project. These short cycles made it possible to synchronise all parties involved. Day-to-day tasks were carried out in-house, and the visibility of dependencies and obstacles was increased with constant and transparent communication between the parties.

A great investment

We are happy with the result and are proud to have the recognition of the customer and to have forged a great relationship with the product owner after getting to know each other well. We believe we have provided the tools needed to enable Tier1fx to continue growing and shining in the Forex world. And of course, we wish them all the best in their new journey.

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