Transforming a service

  • Webapp
  • Conversion
  • Service

    • Diseño de producto
    • Diseño de servicio
  • Sector

    • Financiero
  • Year

    • 2015-2016
  • Skills

    • Contextual observation
    • Benchmarking
    • Interaction design
    • Design System

Differentiating yourself in a complex market

Pepper and the financial environment

Pepper is a company which specialises in financing formulas for consumer goods, vehicles and equipment, with operations in Asia, Australia and Europe.
The financing environment is complex. The dominant entities often put up many barriers to finance projects for private individuals who have limited guarantees, which means that a new market is emerging, which is currently expanding, of private individuals who need microcredits.

Design as a business strategy in a growing and competitive environment

Intermediary companies between financial companies and end customers have a wide variety of offers, so being the first to respond and achieve affinity with the brand during the first part of the process is essential.
Pepper was conscious that it needed to carry out a significant technological investment and create an excellent user experience in order to position itself as a leading consumer finance company.

The objective was to create an application which would serve as a three-way bridge between intermediaries, their customers and Pepper.

From research to drivers

How to translate interaction patterns into design premises

In the first workshop, we identified two weak points: the need to increase transactions coming in via the web from 5% to 50% and to simplify the contracting process, reducing it to under 20 minutes.

We concluded that the advantage in terms of speed, ease of use and visual finish was fundamental for conversion. Over the following days, we organised a series of interviews to gain a deep understanding of three defined profiles: users from the dental clinics sector, companies dedicated to the sale of electronic equipment and companies dedicated to direct sale.
We found out that the main barriers in the use of the product were due to the difficulties in the introduction and validation of data and in the perception of response speed. Lastly, we shadowed the workers from the call-centre and observed their work processes, which allowed us to understand their routines and thus detect internal areas for improvement.

The key design aspects

We wanted to transform the long and (generally) boring financing process into something entertaining and above all, fast. We saw the need to give the product an entity of its own, (which until now it did not have), and we created Chop. A friendly mascot with an inimitable personality, which would make the user experience unique, allowing Pepper to stand out among its competitors. We integrated Chop in the new webapp with an interface and a focus completely centred on the user, giving them more control (allowing them to make inquiries about their transactions and payments, resolve incidents, etc). We opted for simple and fragmented elements, creating interaction and navigation flows for recurrent actions.

Once the application was finished, we calculated a period of a few weeks of usage with end users (stores selling products susceptible to financing). After the final adjustments and polishing a few specific improvements, we received an enthusiastic response from the customer as well as from these types of end consumer businesses. What’s more, we managed to achieve all of the business objectives in record time.
If you want to know more about how we constructed this branding for Pepper, click here.

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