Chop, breathing personality into a product

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    • Product Branding
  • Sector

    • Financial
  • Year

    • 2015 — 2016
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    • Branding
    • Motion Graphics
    • Visual Design

Differentiate by adding value

Turning a problem into an opportunity

We always begin our design process with a research phase that allows us to open up problems, explore opportunities and focus on solutions. Even so, issues usually arise during a project that were not initially foreseen and that need be addressed and resolved. This was what happened during the Pepper project, a consumer finance company.
Pepper knew that to become a leader in its sector it had to carry out a significant investment in technology and provide an excellent user experience. To achieve this it was essential to anchor the product in the memory of users in a differential way, so we had to somehow transform the classic loan contracting process, often complicated and boring, into something simple and fun. So Secuoyas created Chop.

An inimitable personality

The name Chop derived from the culinary essence of the company, as well as from the English verb “to chop”, reinforcing one of the advantages of the product: the dividing up of payments. Unlike other B2B loan companies and thanks to the online application we designed, Pepper is able to respond much more quickly than the rest of its competitors, even without having completed 100% of the usual data upload in this type of procedures.

Chop also managed to reduce the perception of waiting times by building an affinity with the user, something fundamental for winning repeat customers. The success of our mascot was because it had its own personality, something key for playing a useful and differentiating role.

Chop was able to explain the important concepts of the application, helping the user throughout the contracting process and making it much more accessible.

Creating the character with humour

We needed a friendly and likeable character capable of transmitting credibility and trust. How did we achieve it? With humour. Taking advantage of the typical waiting times for credit requests, we made Chop appear as the star of fun day-to-day scenes in an office, providing entertainment and improving the user's perception and experience.

Chop as a sales lever

To generate noise on the market, to surprise and to differentiate ourselves, we created a motion graphics video conveying the innovative and superior nature of Pepper's new product compared to that of the competition.

With a simple design and highlighting the functionality of each of the parts of the process, we were able to bring the application closer, making it much more accessible for organizations that offer financing to the final consumer. A video that became a sales tool.

The result?

He who dares wins... and we won: achieving the difficult task of differentiating ourselves within a sector as traditional and rational as this one, providing the customer with a double solution: functional, through the design of the web application; and product branding. The best part was achieving in record time the objectives we had set.
Moreover, Pepper has very enthusiastically adopted their new mascot and it is now part of their office décor in Spain.
If you want to know more about how we designed the Pepper webapp, click here.
We are very proud of this achievement.

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