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The birth of a trend

From necessity to hobby

Cooking programmes on prime time television, social networks full of elaborate photographs with the latest recipes, restaurants or culinary trends and new terms, such as #foodie, #foodporn or #fitfood now feature in our everyday reality... We are experiencing a gastronomic explosion.
The reason for this success lies in the combination of the increase in the speed of our pace of life, the incorporation of women working away from home and an increasingly greater concern for our health and well-being.
The time that was previously dedicated to cooking has decreased considerably, and although it’s true that the gastronomic offering has grown respectively and covers the requirement that it has to be fast, it hasn’t met our need for it to be healthy and easy in such an effective way.

The growth of a brand

A perfect cocktail

This is the context that Lékué is positioned in. Founded in the 70s and specialised in the production and commercialisation of rubber products, their strategy took a turn when they began to develop silicone moulds for baking at the end of the 90s. The entrance of Xavier Costa - current Managing Director - saw the company focus their efforts on developing cooking products under its own name.
During those years its volume has duplicated. Lékué has more than 200 of its own products which are present in 40 countries at 10,000 sales points, approximately 1,000 of which are located in Spain.

“Designing isn’t simply drawing. It’s about strategy and the development of a company”

Xavier Costa

Managing Director

Online presence couldn’t wait. In June of 2014 collaboration with Secuoyas began in order to redesign its e-commerce with the main aim of positioning its products at a higher level in accordance with its new brand philosophy: placing the user at the centre.
To complete this great challenge, we suggested working in a co-creation space so that the members of the community suited to the brand could contribute their ingenuity and creativity in order to pitch new products, ideas and solutions.

An absolutely scrumptious e-commerce

How release onto the market was served

Research, analysis and the co-creation sessions which we held with the Lékué team were used to lay the foundations of the project.
The most important objective to meet was to position and place value on the brand and its products, creating a new association with a lifestyle and a way of healthy eating. A new perception of the product that would reinforce and enhance the brand.
In this sense, the definition of People, especially those from the new market niche that we wished to reach, was key in order to understand which mechanisms we would need to operate and how to translate them into a digital media.
With this premise, and in order to reinforce these concepts emotionally, we especially worked on three fundamental parts of any digital product: Architecture of information, which would provide answers to the users’ requirements; alternative navigation per product type and creation of adhoc content, with a heavy emphasis on photography, which would enhance the frequency of the website.

“What we like most about the new Lékué is its innovative character, bearing in mind that the ‘cookware’ section is fairly conservative”

Daniel Santiago

E-commerce Director of Lékué

In March of 2015 we launched the new online shop.
In just 4 days it reached 2,500 orders, equalling the annual turnover of the previous year, something which exceeded the expectations of the whole team involved.
One year later, the conversion achieved its best figure: 6.2% of the total, simply via mobile devices.
At present, with the sales objectives greatly exceeded, the challenge is even greater: to continue growing and making the most of that positive trend until 50% of the total turnover is produced by the digital channel.

“We focussed too much on making products and, now that the world is changing, we need to transform and focus on the users”

Xavier Costa

Managing Director

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