From a family business to the forefront of e-commerce

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Much more than an online shoe shop

Hispanitas is a Spanish shoe company with a lot of history and an impressive international presence. In 2015, they contacted Secuoyas to manage the redesign of their corporate website and online shop.
In the first analysis and definition workshops the two main objectives to meet were identified: on one hand, to boost sales by increasing the average expenditure per receipt and reaching new groups of consumers, and on the other hand, improving their brand’s communication. Ultimately, value needed to be placed on their product and, most importantly, the user needed to be at the centre of their digital strategy.

The value of craftsmanship

There’s nothing better to help the user appreciate the value of what they are about to buy than by highlighting and putting the well-deserved spotlight on the elaboration of each pair of shoes in the factories in Petrer, in the province of Alicante. A traditional and artisan process which has joined forces with new technologies to create high-quality shoes.
Also, thanks to the careful selection of content, the new Hispanitas website allows users to remain up-to-date with the latest trends in accessories. It is not simply a page where you can buy Hispanitas shoes, it has become a fashion guide.

A visual line defined by the photography

One of the maxims that was followed during the ideation phase of the new Hispanitas website’s visual line was to highlight the quality of the shoes, their details and the uniqueness of their offerings. We went for a clean design with a clear protagonist, where the quality of the product photographs was very carefully considered. On the new website, the Hispanitas shoes are shown in such detail that it is not necessary to hold them in your hands to verify their great quality.

“Why would we call our shoes francesitas if they are made in Spain? Let’s give our pumps a Spanish name, we’ll call them Hispanitas.”

Francisco Chico de Gúzman


Details which make all the difference

One of the main pages of the whole online shop is the product description. For the Hispanitas product description, on one level the main characteristics are shown and the availability of sizes for the shoe that the user is interested in. On a second level, we find additional information regarding the history of each one of the models, their design process and different possibilities for combining them with other signature products.

Visual, simple and responsive

A positive shopping experience is fundamental for the success of an online shop. That’s why we decided to simplify the shopping process of Hispanitas shoes as much as possible. A simple and fast process created with the greater comfort of users in mind, and nowadays there’s no other option, the change in shopping habits combined with the high infiltration of mobile devices leads to us creating responsive websites with navigation and purchasing processes which adapt to mobiles and tablets problem-free. In this sense, the new Hispanitas website is entirely aimed at the success in conversion.

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