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Positioning a brand through content

  • Content strategy
  • Digital product
  • Strategy design
  • E-commerce
  • Conversion
  • Service

    • Product Design
  • Sector

    • Aesthetics - Healthcare
  • Year

    • 2017
  • Capacidades

    • Interaction Design
    • Contextual Interview
    • Information Architecture
    • Visual Design

The democratization of a booming sector

New public and new context

Centros Único is a chain of aesthetics clinics present in 7 countries, founded in 2008 initially offering laser hair removal. Centros Único has demonstrated its ability to compete in a crowded market, establishing a wide presence of clinics. However, the hair removal market is quickly becoming constrained, so Centros Único has gradually expanded its value proposition, incorporating different medical-aesthetics and advanced beauty treatments.
Technological advances, both in equipment and procedures, have popularised some treatments that were previously available to very few. This, together with growing interest in aesthetics and body care among the public, has resulted in an exponential increase in potential customers that is forcing the sector in general to diversify its range of services and Centros Único to carry out a process of global digitalization, both for internal and customer-facing processes. It was at this point that we started our journey with them.

Designing as a team [designing relationships]

Maximum coordination in a record time

The great challenge we faced was to coordinate ourselves with the rest of suppliers and departments involved in the project, collaborating as a single team: Content, SEO, analytics, development, marketing and management; thanks to our design methodology we achieved this in record time.
We conducted several interviews with each of the stakeholders, which allowed us to arrive at the kick-off meeting with the project under control. We explained the work plan we had designed to everyone involved, detailing each person’s tasks with dates and deadlines. This allowed us to make the necessary adjustments among all the parties and leave the kick-off meeting with a clear route map and ready to start the project.

“At Secuoyas they understood the goal of the project from the beginning, and always proposed the most appropriate solutions at all levels”

David Rodríguez

Head of Digital Marketing

Designing hand-in-hand with the development and content teams

We designed the business objectives ensuring consistency

We began the research phase with an exhaustive analysis of all the players in the aesthetics sector. We had a single and constant contact person for the duration of the project that allowed us to maintain a fluid, direct and clear communication, which was key to success.
We analysed the conclusions of interviews that Centros Único had carried out for groups of current and potential customers, to examine their motivations, needs and fears. We also conducted a detailed study of the current situation of the digital product ecosystem and a benchmark of the competition.
The broad spectrum of the view we acquired allowed us to specify the functionality of the product, as well as define concepts for the information architecture, navigation and layout. The fundamental factor was the close relationship we had with the development and content teams, with whom we built the design guide together.

“Their predisposition, ability to listen, teamwork, coordination with third parties, commitment and professionalism have resulted in the delivery of an excellent product”

David Rodríguez

Head of Digital Marketing

By sharing relevant deadlines of each of the phases from the start, we managed to approve the information architecture together, agreeing on the priorities of the project map in such a way that we were able keep the working pace. This helped us to be very agile in the validation processes.
We held remote meetings almost daily, which allowed us to hit the delivery dates.

Multiplying value through design

During the field interviews, we detected a differential value of Centros Único that we needed to convey through visual design: the manners, warmth and closeness of its human team. We also brought together the emotional values of the brand: honesty, transparency, trust and enthusiasm, under a powerful slogan: "Beauty with common sense".
We designed real content, defining an online style guide according to the content strategy and adapted to the company’s new voice. We created a modular design that facilitated the layout work and ensured consistency of any subsequent maintenance.

Positioning and conversion without sacrificing experience

Aligning the needs of the user and the goals of the business

The product model and of all our digital design were based on the premise of creating a powerful conversion funnel adapted to the services of Centros Único. With the clues given to us by the search word analysis, we chose a taxonomy strategy that would help the user to find what they needed, both from Google and from the main and contextual navigation, with particular attention to the offered cross-selling.
Moreover, we were persistent and meticulous with the calls to action, looking for the best conversion points and speeding up the purchase by integrating the store in a completely transparent way within the website.
It has been a privilege to finish this project with all the teams satisfied with the work done and we are thrilled to continue developing the rest of Centros Único’s digital system.

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