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    • Product Design
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    • E-learning
  • Year

    • 2014
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    • Interaction design

Natural learning brought to a digital environment

From face-to-face to screens

In 2014, ABA English -an online academy specialised in teaching English- decided to take on a business change regarding their main product, the ABA English Campus e-learning platform, and to re-think what the most fitting channels were for future students with little time but a lot of motivation.
With a long track record within the world of online education, ABA English's e-learning methodology was more than established and a fruitful business model, but they were conscious that, in order to remain in a leading position, they needed to continue advancing and establish a new sales and upselling strategy focussing on the conversion of "leads" into "loyal customers".

Design at the method’s service

How does the design process help a teaching method?

Our approach to the project was to provide the guidelines to ensure that, in the most delicate moments, mainly registration and upselling, the user’s experience was satisfactory.
The starting point had a clear advantage. ABA English’s methodology focusses on natural learning, offering total immersion in the language using everyday scenes which feature dialogue, of a high quality both in terms of the script and the production, which outlines the difference with other companies who base themselves on more traditional methods.
On the one hand, our challenge was to create an attractive and simple environment with elements of gamification which at the same time maintained the initial motivation of the student, putting an emphasis on the resolution mode of the different skills which are worked. On the other hand, it was to work on the most delicate moments of the process, especially on registration and the upselling formulas to progress from the freemium model to the paying one.

“The brand’s own framework to give it a boost. Nothing more and nothing less.”

Data, data, data...

The strong points of research

How much time do students dedicate to studying a new language? How do they do it? Which other tools do they use? When do they do it? What is their frequency of access? What is their level of concentration? What accessibility constraints may exist? And, above all… What are the usage scenarios behind it all?
Waiting for the bus, on the metro, sitting on the sofa when they get home or just before they go to sleep appear to be ideal times for the student. High frequency and short duration.
With this data and with a work strategy based on constant measuring and evaluation, we went about constructing the product incrementally. Analyse - Construct - Validate was the premise of the team which we formed together with Moddity (technical development) and eMMA (App Intelligence).

The biggest reward: the good results...

...and that in 3 years they will be even better

1. Rating of 4 stars in Apple Store and Google Play based on more than 70,000 opinions.
2.5 million downloads to this day.
3. More than 40% of students who complete the full course.

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